Become a Rep

Become a Rep

Are you ready to be independent?

If you’re like most people who work for a living, you’ve probably dreamt of being independent and owning your own business. Our Avon Representatives have accomplished exactly that, because every one of them is their own boss, who sets their own work schedule and can perfectly balance personal, family and work hours.

  • Be your own boss
  • Adapt your work hours to your needs
  • Become a beauty expert
  • Discover & share beauty innovations
  • Unlimited earnings
  • Beauty you love that loves you back

Sounds like a good choice? Join us!

It’s really simple, just complete and submit the form below and we’ll contact you with next steps!

Become a rep today & do beauty your way.

Basically, what you do is meet up with friends and relatives, and their friends and relatives, and talk to them. Through friendly conversation, without any sales pitches, you can get to know your possible clients, learn about what they like and need, what issues they want to target, if they’re looking for the perfect gift or something to hide their wrinkles... anything and everything is possible! And what’s best is that it’s just a nice conversation with people you know.

Once you find out what they like or want you can recommend any or all the products Avon has to offer. Never fear! You won’t need to memorise them, because every month you’ll receive our brochure packed with the best products and the most irresistible offers. All you’ll need to do is give it a look and share it with your potential clients, so they too can look at it.

If you’re passionate about the latest trends, if you can’t live without trying out the newest perfume, if you love giving advice to your family and friends... or if you simply enjoy making people smile, then you can become an Avon Representative.

Anyone can be one of our representatives, there are no limits, other than those set by labour laws, of course. We don’t care how old you are or what your gender is. All we ask is that you be willing to give it your best, to work hard to create your own network of customers and loyal clients and to become a true independent professional. That means that we won’t tell you when to work or who to sell to, it’s your business and you’ll manage it as you see fit.

We don’t want you to be a salesperson, we want you to be a beauty advisor for your clients (most of them will be your friends, family, neighbours... people you know!), and we’re ready to prepare you and walk with you every step of the way to help you become just that.

When you join our team, you receive sales and beauty training, inside information about our different products and launches, samples and materials that help boost your sales and much more.

If you’re motivated and willing to give it all to triumph by yourself, we’ll do all we can to help you achieve your goals.

Not at all! It’s your business and you can do whatever you want and need to do to improve your earnings. Do you want to approach people on the streets? That’s great! You want to print your own business cards and have anyone call you? Yes, do it! You want to advertise yourself through your social media channels? Yes, please!

We’ll help you with materials for many of these things. The sky and your imagination is the limit!

Obviously, you already know that we’re available to shop online, you’re here after all. But did you know that you can share our brochures in a special format through WhatsApp? As well as our iconic printed brochure, you can also use our digital brochure to maximise sales. You can send it to anyone and everyone and they can shop directly on it, turning the pages and adding their purchases to their cart. When they’re done, you’ll receive the information.

Like all ventures, it takes time and effort but yes, you, like millions of Avon Representatives around the world, can make a living with us. All it requires is your dedication, motivation and effort, just like any self-owned business.

We’ll always give you support, training and materials to help you be successful.