Skincare trends for 2022

Just like the 10-step Korean skincare routine, staying ahead of the game when it comes to new regimes can be tricky. We’ve rounded up some of the most revolutionary skincare trends set to take the world by storm in 2022. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve lined up some product suggestions you might like to try out, too. Ready?

Latest skincare trends

Perfect for seeing you through the winter period, January’s routines are all about moisturising dried-out skin that might be suffering in harsher conditions.

If your skin’s looking a little pale or dull, you might not be getting enough vitamin D. You could consider taking supplements or applying a light layer of fake tan or tinted moisturiser to help you get your glow back. Why not try True Nutra Effects Radiance Tinted Moisturiser? They’re great for adding a hit of hydration on cold days.

Fuelling your body at this time of year is just as important as taking care of your skin. If dry skin is an issue for you during the winter, drinking plenty of water can help. You’ll be pleased to know coffee and tea count, too.

Spring skincare trends

Spring skincare trends in 2022 are all about getting a youthful, dewy glow. Applying intensively moisturising products like serums and ampoules, such as the Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots, is a great way to achieve a glow that’s going nowhere – but that’s old news!

The next big thing is applying these products and helping them absorb into the skin. This spring will see many of us investing in facial rollers. Leave yours to soak in ice water first to cool and soothe your skin as you apply it – this helps your serum penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. Handy, right? And if you’re feeling fancy, you could even consider storing your face roller in the fridge.

Autumn skincare trends

As the weather gets colder and more humid, skincare trends change with the season. In 2022, some of us might begin to change our minds about lengthy, multi-step skincare routines that take a lot of time and money. Enter a more stripped-back approach to skincare.

We’ll still likely see people focused on products with SPF in them. As the weather changes, people may switch from using stronger sun creams like the Avon Care Sun Shine Control SPF50 Facial Sun Cream to SPF containing moisturisers like the Anew Platinum Day Lifting Cream SPF25.

Men's skincare trends

Male skincare trends are taking off, and skincare products made with men in mind will begin appearing on beauty store shelves. Many people who identify as male already have a skincare routine, some of whom will use products stereotypically aimed at women.

Whereas most women spend a significant amount of time on their skincare routines each day, it’s not the same for most men. For a simple two-step method, why not try the Deep Power Charcoal 2-in-1 Shave Gel & Face Wash, followed up with the 2-in-1 After Shave Balm & Moisturiser? It’s the perfect combo for keeping your skin cleansed and hydrated.

To 2022 and beyond

Recyclable packaging and sustainably sourced ingredients are likely to feature right across the board when it comes to beauty products in 2022 – so you can feel good and do good at the same time.

Now you’ve learned about new skincare trends, which one will you try?