New Avon’s Adapt Collection

Plant adaptogens are the latest beauty buzzword – and it’s no surprise given the profound effects of this miracle ingredient on health and ageing.

From balancing hormones and boosting mood to reducing inflammation and increasing mental clarity, there are many reasons why Avon is harnessing the power of adaptogens in its beauty products. These clever plant-based ingredients help the body to adapt to stresses – and there are plenty of those around in this day and age.

Along with that, there’s been a notable rise in demand for plant-based or vegan products that support body and mind. That makes adaptogens the ideal way for Avon to support customers in their quest for a more natural approach to their beauty regime.

Adaptogens are not a recent discovery. In fact, their incredible properties mean they’ve been used for decades – although perhaps not in skincare. Studies date back to World War II when they were used to improve the mental and physical performance of pilots and naval crews. Going back further, they have ancient roots, having been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

In modern skincare, botanical adaptogens are being harnessed for their unique ability to ‘adapt’ based on how your skin is reacting to stress. Stress can be a major cause of ageing and breakouts – so anything that helps improve resistance to stressors is a skincare winner.

Each adaptogen does something different, but they generally help your body to handle stress – whether physical, mental or even biological. Life today is more stressful than ever, in many ways, and people go to great lengths to manage this stress. Humans have realised the importance of looking after themselves – and Avon is helping women worldwide to do that.

Within our bodies, structures inside our brain monitor how things are going, in a process known as homeostasis. Our nervous system reacts to any stresses that upset the balance of homeostasis, and we become poorly. But adaptogens can help the body to resist these stressors.

Avon’s Adapt Collection, the world’s first holistic skin solution for women during perimenopause and menopause is out now. The collection harnesses two important adaptogens: tiliacora and tumeric. Tiliacora helps the body to resist stressors, while bringing calm and balance. Tumeric is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Learn more about Avon’s research into perimenopause and menopause, our knowledge of how hormone fluctuations impact our skin and the adapt collection itself, here in our recently published Avon TLI report. TLI stands for too little information because we’ve found that the world over, even in an age of TMI, we don’t talk about these life phases, their impact and how we can battle some of the associated symptoms of hormone fluctuation. So whether it’s sharing your experiences or which adaptogens may help us resist stress the best, let’s talk!

Today’s wellness trend has brought botanical adaptogens right back into focus. Beauty brands and consumers are once again taking notice of their properties, and using them in new and innovative ways. Adaptogens are here to stay in skincare.