Mascaras set the perfect frame for your eyes

Women have known the secret to highlighting their eyes for a very long time. How long, you ask? Well, there is evidence that way back in ancient Egypt, women were applying a mixture of ingredients to lashes more than 5000 years ago! But you knew that, didn’t you? You’ve seen all those images of mummies, or the ever-beautiful Cleopatra with those striking eyes and lashes to die for, or shall we say... mummify for?

With or without mascara – the most striking before and after

You experience it every morning, you’ve just woken up, you look at yourself in the mirror and wow! Your eyes look a bit small, a bit subdued, yet naturally beautiful. But then, you pick up that small round packaging, draw out the almost magic wand, and in just a few swipes later... BAM! Your lashes look amazing, and as if by magic, now your eyes look wide open, their fantastic colour stands out even more, and you look and feel even more beautiful and irresistible. That’s the power of mascara, it can bring all that wonderful change in just one swipe!

How to choose the right mascara

Avon has so many mascaras available that you might feel a bit overwhelmed and might find it difficult to know which one to choose. Never fear! I’m here to help. Also, remember you can always ask your Avon Representative, make her your personal beauty advisor!

There are many ways to decide what mascara to use:

1- Do you want to change the way your lashes look?

Look at yourself in the mirror and study your lashes, without make-up, in all their natural splendour. What would you change? Do you want them to be longer or maybe you want them to look thicker or fuller? Furthermore, you can, and even should, have more than one type of mascara. That way you can adjust your look to how you feel and what you’re going to do!

  • Short lashes: Lengthening and volumizing mascara is best
  • Long, straight lashes: A volumizing mascara that also curls lashes will do the trick
  • Thin, light lashes: Volume and flutter are a great idea
  • Part short, part long: Volume and definition are recommended

2- What is the occasion?

Every moment has its own look. Your workday look is more subtle, and your desired party look is bold. So, just like you’ll wear a different outfit, you should also use a different mascara.

An office look might require a mascara that gives you more separation and length, without too much volume. On the other hand, extreme volume might be exactly what you need for a night out with your friends.

3- What look are you going for?

Most women use different looks for different activities. A day at the shops look is usually more casual than an out on a date one. Think about how you want to feel.

Remember one thing: There are no wrong choices, you decide your look, so if you want boldness even at 9 am., that’s perfectly fine! That’s the magic of make-up, it’s your look, you define it.

How should you apply it?

It might seem simple, but if you don’t do it right, you’ll end up with clumpy or flaky lashes that look horrible!

Step 1: Prime.

A primer conditions lashes and helps boost your mascara’s results. I recommend my Lash Supreme Primer

Step 2: Load the brush with formula

Dip the wand in an up and down motion and pull it out. Never wiggle it! Wiggling it creates clumps of formula and might even damage the brush

Step 3: Apply the mascara

  • Tip your head back and wiggle the brush at the base of your top lashes to make sure you have ultimate separation and coverage.
  • Move upwards through lashes always wiggling the brush
  • To coat the bottom lashes, tilt your head forward, hold the brush vertically and coat lashes from root to tip with the end of the brush

Are your lashes ready to reach legendary lengths?

Avon offers you a great variety of mascaras, and my newest addition is a fantastic way to achieve extreme length with beautiful volume. Legendary Lengths Mascara gives you 50% more length and 3 times more volume. A great combination that I’m sure you love. So, if you feel like trying a new look, why not check it out?