Coconut Oil Uses For Beauty

There are so many amazing uses for coconut oil. This beauty staple is rich in fatty acids and has natural antibacterial properties, making it perfect for any beauty routine.

Coconut oil uses for hair

Coconut oil creates a natural barrier locking moisture in. Before diving in the pool, try coating your hair in coconut oil to protect it against chlorine and sun. Not only will it leave your hair silky smooth, but also ensure that your hair absorbs minimal chemicals and salt.

Not got coconut oil to hand? Why not try an intensely restoring shampoo and conditioner, which leaves hair looking and feeling smoother, stronger and intensely moisturised.

Coconut oil uses for face

Coconut oil makes a GREAT make-up remover. In fact, you can use it to remove even the most stubborn make-up with ease, leaving your skin glowing and ready for bed. It’s also great for cleaning make-up brushes. The oils’ anti-fungal properties make it perfect for removing old and grimy make-up from your brushes. Plus, they‘ll smell lush too! Try this face cream that intensively moisturises to restore comfort for immediate relief of dry skin.

Coconut oil uses for body

Coconut oil makes a great base for shaving. Not only will it help the blade glide smoothly, it also prevents nicks and will leave you with silky smooth legs! Got dry skin? Apply coconut oil-infused body cream, using circular motions. This will help to bust cellulite and boost circulation, leaving your skin soft and smelling holiday-fresh.

Oh, and don’t forget your hands! Often overlooked, make sure you keep a hand cream on your desk, in the car or in your handbag for moisture on-the-go.

Coconut oil smells fantastic, has many health benefits and is amazing for your skin, hair and body. It’s super easy to use, versatile and a space saver with so many uses! So let’s go coconutty for this hero ingredient.

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