The World’s Best Selling Fragrance Brand*

We’ve been doing beauty differently for 135 years. Pioneering in listening to women’s needs and speaking out for them. Standing for what matters to them. Supporting their endeavours.

We’re a company that connects people through beauty, sharing passion, innovation and expertise – affordably. We use the power of beauty to transform women’s lives for the better.

*Avon sells the most fragrances measured by volume or units sold in 2019 globally. Source: Global Data.

Decades of beautiful innovation.

We believe in beauty democracy: inclusive beauty that is open to all.

We’re passionate about keeping you at the forefront of beauty, creating products that embrace the hottest trends and cutting-edge technology, alongside everyday essentials that will be the staples of your beauty kit.

A network of Beauty Advisers.

We believe in creating flexible opportunities for anyone to earn and learn. Our independent Representatives provide millions of customers worldwide with trusted, personal beauty advice and products to help them express their individuality.